How to define a successful franchisee?

‘A successful franchisee is one that understands and, adapts, the benefits of a proven system at a local level ‘

You have probably been seeking a suitable franchise business for a while and have now found one that suits your Life skills, work/life balance requirements and, of course, your pocket!

That’s great, but have you wondered why the Franchisor (the brand owner) of that concept is offering you the opportunity to be their ‘local’ representative instead of doing it all themselves?

Quite apart from anything else, most of us use all kinds of national brands daily, but given the choice we would like to buy what the larger brands offer but would also love the chance to support the local businesses in our own community. 

Apart from ensuring that your background, your passion to succeed and your finances are in order, they will also have seriously considered if you are capable of truly replicating their proven success in other parts of the country in your locality. Those successful franchisees are successful because they have taken a national brand and truly represented it at their own local level as their business.

To be truly successful in your venture, you need to be able to take the Franchisor’s ‘secret sauce’ and go out into your locality and attend Chamber of Commerce meetings, School & Church events, Networking lunches and the like to establish your business with the locals at every opportunity.

In conclusion, project the advantages of a large national brand but with a local feel!

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